In a few days begin the new fishing season!

pubblicato il 04/03/2022

Fishingseason schedule 2022

Fishingseason schedule 2022

1st of April:

- Drava GRAYLING TROPHY stretch (NO-KILL, Fly and Spin fishing)

- Chalk stream LA SORGIVA (NO-KILL, Fly and Spin fishing)

- Möll river (NO-KILL, Fly fishing)

- Lake KUCHER AU (NO-KILL, Coars, Fly and Spin fishing)

- Drava FEISTRITZ (Coars, Fly and Spin fishing)

- Drava SACHSENBURG (Fly fishing)

16th of April

- GAIL 1 e GAIL 2 (Fly fishing)

- VELLACH (NO-KILL Fly fishing)

- Others creeks (Fly and Spin fishing)

1st of Mai

- Drava ROSEGG  (Coars, Fly and Spin fishing)


Limited number of fishing permits per day, Fly fishing from 17th to the 21st April already reserved!

Text us fort the remaining availability for april and mai!