Who we are



I am the backbone of the Aktiv Hotel,

I take care of the management of the staff

and the hotel, especially the kitchen,

offering our guests typical Italian and some Austrian dishes.

I look forward to spoiling you with my cuisine...









Gargantini, 3 generations of fishermen...

Francesco Senior

He was one of the pioneers of fly-fishing; back in the post-war period  he used to travel all over Europe in search of Atlantic salmon, thus handing down to us his passion for fishing trips and his respect for the environment. Later his passion for grayling fishing led him to frequent the fishy Austrian waters more and more.



I have been fishing for more than 60 years, I have dipped my lines in 5 continents, getting to know the most famous anglers in the world.

This fishing experience helped me to start our business. My record book includes the IGFA world record for grayling.

I am currently in charge of the logistics of our fishing reserves.


Alberto Edoardo

I love fishing and the contact with nature that comes with it. I particularly enjoy fly fishing more than grayling. My fishing trips around the world have given me the experience I need to carry out my job as a fishing guide.

I am an AIGUPP certified professional fishing guide and an I.G.F.A. guide.

I manage fly fishing reserves and I also take care of the accounting management of the activity.

In addition, I also manage the Grayling Trophy Club: www.thegraylingfisherman.com



Fishing for me is a magical moment, an opportunity to be in contact with nature where time stands still. Moreover, fishing allows you to concentrate only on what you are doing and enjoy every moment.

I really like carp-fishing, spinning from the boat, bolognese and feeder fishing. When I have little time and I want to make a few casts quick, I also enjoy fly fishing, in short I like all techniques ...:-)

I really like to go on fishing trips abroad, at sea, but also in inland waters. I have a passion for sharks and every year I go to Cape Verde to fish for them from the shore.

The destinations where I have been fishing are: Cuba, Venezuela, Indonesia, Brazil, Cape Verde, Sudan, Sweden, Kenya, Hungary.


Our history

Year 1992:

Our adventure started on mai 1992 on the Weissensee lake, we opened the 1st Fisher's house!

Year 1999:

We opened a second Fisher's house on the Wörthersee lake

Year 2001

We moved to Ferlach, SPORT HOTEL


Year 2005

We bought the Hotel Seidl in Rosegg, and we trasformed it in the AKTIV HOTEL GARGANTINI

Thank you! after 29 years we are leader in Europe for fishing and mushrooms hunting tourism!