The property



The AKTIV HOTEL GARGANTINI is your holiday home, a family-run establishment created to meet the needs of fishermen, mushroom hunters and nature lovers. Here you will feel at home, hospitality is our strong point.

The hotel has 23 rooms, almost all with balcony and equipped with bathroom (shower and WC) and satellite television with channels available in German, Italian and French.


In addition to having the best fishing grounds in Carinthia at their disposal, our guests can also make use of:

- the fisherman's parlour, a comfortable room equipped for making flies, where you can simply sit and chat after a day's fishing while enjoying a good local schnapps;


- the mushroom hall, a large room equipped for cleaning and preserving mushrooms, with dryers, refrigerators and freezers;

- a shop where you will find flies and artificial lures, fishing and fly-making equipment, small parts, bait and corn.

- a terrace and garden with a view of Rosegg Park

- an outdoor swimming pool

- a pond where you can relax and enjoy nature